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Can I get unemployemnt if They decided not to keep me after 30 days

by RTT

I had been working for another company and gave 2 week notice to work for another company who let me go after 30 day's. They told me they decided not to keep me, they had that choice. No other reason. Can I get unemployement? I've filed for it, but has been 3 weeks with no check. No status. I've got working credits according to unemployment. Can they deny me because I haven't worked at the last job long enough?


I suspect the state of Florida will deny you not for the separation itself, but because you may not be monetarily eligible because you voluntarily quit the job before.

Florida's disqualification for quits without good cause is that you must return to work and earn 17 times your weekly benefit amount and then you must also have a qualifying separation from that subsequent employment. Florida does have a provision for quitting to accept other work, but it must temporary work which you took to help out while waiting to return to work immediately to the employer who temporarily let you go .. in the last six months. In other words it's only for those recalled from a temporary layoff.

Florida is slow because they are overwhelmed with claims. I'd give it another week and then try to contact the state and find out what's going on.

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