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Can I get unemployment benefits if I accept a severance package for a Voluntary Reduction in Force

by Catherine
(New York)

My job is offering a voluntary termination severance plan in NY (Voluntary Reduction in Force). The agreement says that if you don't take it, then involuntary terminations will take place. I feel that I'm being forced to resign out of fear of being involuntary terminated. Would I be eligible for unemployment in NY? How could I establish good cause existed? I'm nervous about signing the agreement.

Hi Catherine .. with good instincts.

I'm going to refer you to Section 1705 under Voluntary Quit of the New York interpretation index.

It discusses six possible scenarios .. some considered to be with good cause and some not.

Of course if you determine that accepting the package still would allow you to be eligible for benefits, you'll want to read this to determine whether the severance is deductible income from your weekly benefit amount.

If you still have doubts .. you should check with an attorney. The time to understand what signing the agreement will mean to you is now. I'm sure others who have been in the same position you are now, could tell you all about the "if only regrets".

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