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Can I get unemployment benefits if I quit in CA (flw-up)

by Aonymous

I submitted a question earlier (started job 18 months ago, no sales quota, then was tasked with a quota - which I will not meet). Anyway...

In my previous email I stated that I signed the new employment contract with the sales quota. After looking back at my records, I discovered I had never signed this document. I was given this document and my year-end performance review at the same time. I had to sign the performance review, but not the new employment contract. The employment contract was signed by my boss and simply handed to me. Not sure if this makes a difference, but I thought I'd mention it. Thanks and sorry for the multiple emails.

Hi Anonymous,

Rather than duplicate my answer here, this is the link to your original question submission.

If you have more questions, please post a comment to the original question.

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