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Can I get unemployment benefits if my assignment ends?


I resigned from a permanent job on February 13, 2015. I was contacted by an agency and started working on 3/30/15. I was called 5/3 and advised that my assignment ended. I emailed 5/4/2015 to ask for another assignment and have not heard back from anyone. Can I receive unemployment?

Chris's Reply - Answer

I'm moving your question to the others about Temporary Work and Unemployment Benefits.

Yes, it seems to me if you emailed the temp agency for a new assignment you have complied to eliminate the threat of a temporary work provision and should be allowed benefits until they either offer a new one, or you find a permanent type job.

However, you didn't mention which state you would be collecting benefits from and this is sort of important with regard to those temp worker provisions that create the scenario for not contacting a temp agency after an assignment end to be a voluntary quit without good cause.

I should also mentioned
as well as any voluntary quit disqualification due to the temp agency, you may also have to be concerned a VQ disqualification might also still be applied to the resignation in February.

For instance, Florida's disqualification for a voluntary quit without good cause is to return to work and earn 17 x whatever the weekly benefit amount is in subsequent work to requalify for benefits.


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