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Can I get unemployment benefits in Illinois if I quit my job with good cause?

by Nique

I was just notified by my boss that my hours will be reduced next week. I have been with my company for two years. I currently work full time, 30 hours per week. My boss wants to cut me down to part time, 15 hours per week. I am expected to work three hours a day, five days a week but at the same time still pay the same amount in transportation costs. I can’t afford to do this. I am receiving have of my normal salary, but still paying the same amount of transportation cost as if I were still full time. My drive to work is approximately 23.50 miles one way and it takes one hour and 15 minutes due to construction traffic. I drive a Chevy Suburban and I spent about $70 a week on gas (with gas prices at $2.60/gallon) to get me to and from work. My hourly rate is $14.50 per hour. Is it worth it for me to keep my job? Can I quit my job because I can’t afford the transportation with my reduced hours and still get unemployment benefits in Illinois?

Hi Nique,

Normally, and I have to qualify this word because I can't find definitive information for every state, but a reduction of 20 percent in pay is the threshold which begins to be good cause.

So in your case where the pay isn't reduced, but the hours are, is a change in the conditions of employment.

You can check out the IL Unemployment Law Handbook to verify that you would have good cause.

But you have another option .. since jobs are hard to find.

You could file for partial unemployment benefits and use the other fifteen hours to look for another job.

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