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Can I get unemployment for "breach of ethics" At a survey company in Texas?

by Anonymous

I had been working at the same job since i was sixteen until my current age of 23. The job entails me calling people and ask to do quick 5 minute surveys.

On a particular survey, that everyone at my job hated, It got to the point where I would Dial a number but had my headset off. This would essentially make the other person on the other line not hear anything if they pick up. I didn't do it often but every 10 minutes or so I would dial without it. Also, I wasn't the only one who did it. There were plenty of people who did it at the time i did it. Since their report ran back 2 weeks before i got fired. And i know for a fact other people did the same thing.

One particular Tuesday, after having an exceptionally good work day the day before, i was called into my manager's office. She said i had "been hanging up on people" and breached their code of ethics. I wasn't given a warning. They didn't tell me to stop doing it or i'll get fired. They just took me in their office, made me sign papers.. and let me go on my way. After seven years, not even one warning. I asked if perhaps we could use that as a warning, or if i can do anything to remedy my mistake. They said the company doesn't budge when it comes to this. Should I give it a try? or should i not even attempt it.

Hi Anonymous,

Why doesn't anybody ever let me know what the "employer's rule" says?

I can't answer the question you asked without knowing it.

I do know dropping calls is serious to employer's, but what I need to know is if what you did is listed under the breach of ethics policy which would probably have language like "up to and including termination" as the consequence or is it listed under something else that has an outlined progressive discipline policy which you can expect the employer to follow.

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May 20, 2009
The former.
by: Anonymous

From what I gather it is the former, which is "up to and including termination"

However, they do have a policy of three written warnings, which i received one 3 years ago.

Do they usually give people three warnings for this violation?

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