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Can I get unemployment for quitting a job where conditions were questionable.

by Fran

I recently worked at a company where staffing was a major problem. They had only one preceptor who was also the only full time technician. She had numerous other jobs. Needless to say training me was one too many for her. I was often left to figure things out for myself and she began to get frustrated because I was not learning fast enough for her. She made derogatory comments in front of patients told me after two full days on the job that I was 100% responsible for everything that I entered into the patients chart. I was shocked. Every morning the first thing she said to me was "your going to have to speed up or you will never get this done" not exaggerating. It became a nightmare. I went to my manager and requested another preceptor. She said they did not have anyone. I then requested to go and train at another facility where staffing was not an issue. That request was denied. I told by my manager that I could not learn the job the way that it was being presented to me. She said there was nothing she could do. That is when I turned in a notice. I feel that I did all that I could do. I even talked to the preceptor about the problems. Her response was "If you think it is bad here, well it is much worse at other clinics" There was simply no options left.

Does this qualify as an appeal if my claim is denied?

I applied to KY because I had not worked enough hours in AL. I recently moved here.

Hi Fran,

Hi Fran,

Well, I certainly think it is worth trying. There just aren't any guarantees, only valid preparations.

I no longer present personalized strategies in this forum, but I do offer a personalized service for help

I do want to tell you that when you have worked in two different states all work no matter what state it was performed in counts in a base period.

If Kentucky denies unemployment you might be able to file a claim in AL ..

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Sep 30, 2009
Totally Unfair World We Live In
by: Aimee

I just got denied at the Board of Review level. I was approved at the Appeal Hearing and collected unemployment for 6 months and the employer fought it again and won. I was trying to prove that I left due to the filthy conditions, understaffing, extreme change in working conditions and health conditions I was developing (ended up in the emergency room and incurred $8000 in medical bills with no insurance).
Well, in the end the Board of Review decided that I did not have enough proof to show that is was the conditions at work causing my health issues and that because I stayed there for a few months after the conditions (health) started......I did not show good cause.
So now I have no job, no unemployment AND they are going to make me pay back what I collected and we are in foreclosure at home.
All I can say is this world is going to hell in a hand basket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What state do you live in? Are you destitute? If so, you might consider looking for some free legal help.

I personally feel any self representation beyond the lower level hearing is a big mistake, unless you have an inner lawyer dying to get out.

If anyone doesn't think the dire straits of some states unemployment funds have a bearing on decisions issued at all levels .. take of your rose colored glasses and try to see the world through Aimee's eyes.

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