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Can I get unemployment from the job that just fired me if I worked at a car wash last year till I found a better job and quit?

by Jon
(Des Moines, Iowa)

I know I will get unemployment from my former employer. I worked for him for 8 months and he fired me, I'm not going to go into it cause that's not my question. I just had the fact finding phone interview and the interview was for the car wash. I told the guy that's not who I'm trying to get UE from, I'm trying to get it from the guy who just fired me. I told him I quit to take the other job, he said the one that fired me has 10 days to respond and if they don't then I'll get UE no matter what. So when I got off the phone I called their secretary to see when they sent the letter. It's been 10 days and they haven't responded, but the lady said if I quit the car wash then I don't get UE at all from the job that just fired me. This makes no sense to me whatsoever can you tell me if this is true? According to the guy in the interview it didn't matter if I quit the car wash, if my former boss doesn't respond then I get UE, please help?

Hi Jon,

I think you need to read about base periods and voluntary quit disqualifications for Iowa.

You will find the info about Iowa's base period in "Monetary Entitlement" and voluntary quit disqualification can be found in "Nonmonetary Eligibility".

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