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Can I get unemployment if after get unemployment I find a job, but now that job has ended?

by jules

I have a interesting scenerio... I was laid off from company X. I filed unemployment for 2 weeks. Then found a full time job, with company Y, but it was a contract job of 6 months. My contract is about up.. Can I go back and claim unemployment again? And who would the claim go against? Company X or Y, or both?

Hi Jules,

You already have established a benefit year and that benefit year has a base period. The claim is valid for the length of the benefit year.

You should be able to reopen that claim and get your benefits back at the amount you collected for two weeks. As long as this separation is qualifying on the merits of the separation as well.

The first company would still be charged for the benefits you are receiving, but the second company, depending on the kind of contract work we're talking about might protest .. even though they wouldn't yet be charged.

This is because they could become a part of any subsequent claim filed by you which would require a new base period.

So to answer you definitively I would need to know more about this contract job and whether it was for a regular employer, a staffing agency, a temp agency .. basically to eliminate all questions someone raises for me when they start talking about "contract work" and the potential for a refusal of work issue.

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