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Can I get unemployment if fired for missing work with my sick kids

by Frustrated
(Atlanta, Ga)

Our kids are sick A LOT!!! They are 18 months and 5 years and both go to daycare. We are in and out of the doctor what feels like weekly. I have no option to miss work, which leaves my husband to handle the majority of "sick time" with the kids. We cannot afford for either one of us to lose our job, is unemployment an option when you have notes supporting the sicknesses?

Hi Frustrated,

This is going to be a short answer .. Yes and the doctor notes are important .. and I'm long winded so I'll tell you some more:)

Have you considered asking the employer (if there is at least 50 employees) for unforseeable intermittent FML leave? this guy suggests this as a way to protect yourself from disciplinary actions for exactly what's happening to you. Sign up for the free email course.

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