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Can I get unemployment if I get fired because I dont have sales referrals?

by karen
(hollywood florida)


I've been working at a Bank for 3 years and now they are getting really strict about doing sales referrals, they told me that if I don't get referrals i am going to get fired. I want to know if they do fire me can I get unemployment?

Hi Karen,

I can't say whether YOU will get unemployment, but I know many people have. I will repeat myself again, the devil is always in the details a person has to work with and that although the employer has every right to fire you .. whether you can show that what they fired YOU for did not rise to the level considered misconduct by the state.

This is the basic argument for any claimant that has been fired and the employer says it had good cause to do so.

For an employer, good cause is "MISCONDUCT" of the willful, intentional, and knowing kind.

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