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Can I get unemployment if I have been fired for making an inappropriate sexual comment (a dirty joke)? an my employer knows because they were covertly recording my office?

Two months ago I chose to report my boss's poor job performance and hostile behavior to her boss. She was counseled for these concerns and then promptly began making my working environment more hostile. So yesterday she told me I was fired for making an inappropriate comment in front of other workers (a mildly dirty joke). She had this information not because another employee complained, but because she had, unbeknownst to me, bugged the office with an audio recording device. What should be my approach when filing an unemployment claim as I am sure she will contest the claim?


I changed your title, I think we need to know what state you live in .. so you can find out if your state allows this type of behavior by employers.

In the meantime, file and EEOC complaint.

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