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Can I get unemployment if I quit my job because my employer refused to transfer me?

by Anonymous
(Florida )

Back in January of 2008, I was forced, yes forced, to maneuver a 945lb pallet for my job at **name deleted**. My contract states that I must be able to lift up to 70lbs daily. I had no proper training and the manager was aware of this. I threw my back out do to this situation and had to file for workman's comp, which after seeking two different doctors for workman's comp, it didn't help my pain. Also, the weight of the pallet is for **name deleted** to handle, not **name deleted** employees.

Also, there was a contract between my manager and I that if I were to go part time like her persisting for me to, I would receive between 25-32 hour weeks. She received a copy of it and so did I. She responded to my e-mail with "Management will accommodate your request for part time".
She signed it and I did as well. The following weeks I got 14 hour pay weeks. I do have documentation proof of this ( my last paycheck stub ). I asked for my 25 hour weeks and she told me there was nothing she could do.

Also I spoke with her multiple times about me getting a transfer to another location, she told me that "If your not happy here Josh, there is nothing I can do for you, so quit." She told me this 3 times before I quit.

Hi Josh,

You'll just have to file your unemployment claim and see what happens.

You've left way to many unknown factors out of your story .. considering what really seems at issue here is potentially, an employer's non-compliance with worker comp laws.

Yet, I also find it troubling that you did not mention one word about the length of these restrictions being documented by a worker comp doctor, or even your own physician.

In addition .. 32 hours a week is still full-time work .. and unless you wanted to mention the company's transfer policy .. I'm not getting into the last reason you provided for why you really quit your job .. even after the employer accommodated your schedule for a pain mgmt / health issue which could provide good cause if advised to quit by a physician.


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Mar 16, 2009
In response
by: Josh

I will let you know. My appeal date is this Tuesday morning.

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