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Can I get unemployment if I was fired for not working past scheduled shift

(Colorado Springs, CO)

I am scheduled to work 7 am to 3pm at a school inside mental institution. I was given three hours notice that nobody would be leaving because they did not staff. I have a three year old in day care that has to be picked up by 4pm not only this they were requiring me to work a different unit than scheduled for


Colorado used to have a regulation on the books that required at least some reasonable length of time for an employer to notify a person that they must work overtime, but you will have to check with the state to find out if this has been repealed. ( it wouldn't surprise me because that was pretty generous .. coming from a state with one of the lowest unemployment recipiency rates in the country).

They must have recently changed their website and my computer crashed last week so I'm in the process of rebuilding all my useful bookmarks.

Here's a couple links though. (Don't be afraid to call and ask questions)

Colorado Labor Laws

Colorado's Online Unemployment Reference Library. It's not great, but it's better than nothing.

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