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Can I get unemployment if i'm fired for attendance because I have no childcare?

by Tiffany White

I am an single mother and I have had to call out several times cause my daycare has been closed due to her mother passing away. but previous to this she was keeping us on standby for the times her mother would call in say she needed her so. Am I elgible to collect unemployment if I was fired for attendance due to this reason.

Honestly, I don't know. The strength of your argument would be in your ability to rebut the cause for termination as misconduct.

The rebuttal would consist your communications with the employer prior to being terminated.

The whole purpose is to argue against misconduct as being intentional, knowing, willful, and negligent.

Being an employee requires an attitude of preventative maintenance whether the need to quit or the fear of being terminated is the motivator.

What screws most honest people up when it comes time to file for unemployment is what, I can only define as preventable consequences due to irresponsibility .. or taking no action.

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