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Can I get unemployment insurance if I was fired for absences that were due to me having to take care of my mother?

by Dustin
(Mishawaka, IN, USA)

My father passed away recently, and I took my bereavement days as well as some leave of absence days to recover and take care of my mother, who is a stroke victim. I have gone back to work, but my mother really needs me. I could go on another leave of absence, but I can't afford to take unpaid time off, and don't have any more vacation or personal days.

So right now I am continuing to go to work, but if my mother needs me suddenly I will be forced to call off, which will get me fired. If this happens will I be eligible for unemployment benefits? I live in Indiana.

hI Dustin,

If you work for a company that has to provide FMLA .. I think you need to inform the employer you wish to get intermittent FMLA in the event you need to leave to care for your mother. Tomorrow, do this tomorrow.

It will probably require you to get some medical documentation, but you may find yourself able to protect your job .. instead of being fired for attendance policy issues.

You realize that Unemployment benefits might be granted if you are fired for another absence, but don't count on it .. not if you haven't taken precautions to protect yourself.

Unemployment benefits can only be collected when you are able and available for full-time work.

There's how it's suppose to work .. and there's how it often does work and there is a difference.

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