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Can I get unemplyment if I have think I'm the victim of workplace discrimination?

by Marie
(Naples, Florida)

I got fired because I'm pregnant and it's time for me to go to maternity leave and the employer doesn't want to pay me when I go on maternity leave so they fired me.

Chris's Response

Hi Marie,

If you were fired for nothing, but being pregnant, you may of been discriminated against.

If you were really fired for "nothing" apply for unemployment. An employer has to be able to prove they fired you for good cause.

They cannot fire a person for "nothing" and not expect to have to pay unemployment, but this also doesn't mean you now have to prove they fired you for something illegal like pregnancy discrimination.

Have you filed an EEOC complaint?

It is illegal for an employer to discriminate in the workplace because a person is pregnant, but what might makes that relevant to getting unemployment is the pre termination/quit efforts you make that draw that line in the sand as potentially the cause an employer fired you .. or forced you to see no other choice, but to quit.

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