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Can I get unemplyomert due to my husbands pcs orders?

by crystal

Hi I just moved from va to ca I worked at my job for 8 years and my husband is in the navy and received new orders to trasnfer to ca and I was told since I had to leave my job to come to Ca and that there is not another RUI company in Ca I can get unemplyoment is this true and who do I file unemplyoment with Va or Ca? I live in Ca right now and I am a nurse and it takes 3 months to transfer my lpn lisc so I can not work for 3 months waiting on my lisc

Hi Crystal,

Yes you should be able to collect unemployment because you are a "military spouse". In fact many states restrict benefits to only military spouses who quit to follow.

I think you could file in either state, but California should be able to handle the interstate claim .. which is what your claim would be.

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