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Can I go back on unemployment after working a new job for less than a week? - New York State

by Michael

I've been collecting unemployment and have just started a new job. I have worked there just 2 days and know it is not right for me. I want to quit that job and keep collecting unemployment. I have not yet told the unemployment insurance dept that I have accepted that job and want to just keep claiming weekly like I have been. I will make less than the amount they ask each week if I quit now. Will they know that I had that job and quit because I will get one paycheck? Or will they only inquire of a new employer if I have stopped claiming? I would appreciate some advice. Thank you.

Hi Michael,

I would never suggest anything, but being truthful. So, to that end I suggest you first check out what New York thinks about "Refusal of Suitable work"....the key word here is suitable.

The most recent work is what decides whether you can get unemployment. If you quit this job without good cause and choose not to do things by the book, you'll open up a can of worms you won't like...when the state catches up with you. Many states have a new hire reporting system and the feds are working on a nationwide reporting system. I don't know if New York has one in place because the Employer UI Homepage can only be accessed by employers with a login, but I suspect they probably do have something there that helps identify possible fraud issues.

Refusal is under Disqualifications

This page tells you how New York interprets their statutes.

New York State Prevailing Wage Database The amount you earn may constitute good cause.

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