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can i go to school and collect benifits if i exhausted all my benifits

by robert

hi my is Robert and i have exhausted all my benefits . i want to know if i go to school can i collect unemployment benefits.


If you've "exhausted" benefits" how could you?

I think the time to check into going to school and collecting unemployment is something every unemployed person should check into the requirements of with their state, but I also think the time to do this is right after you apply for unemployment .. not after you exhaust benefits ..

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May 26, 2010
/Wish I knew will learn soon
by: Miriam wolf

HI Robert
My unemployment is just about to expire i live in Ohio I would really like to know if I will continue to receive unemployment or not If you find out before I do let me know
Miriam Wolf

Jun 18, 2010
The issue isn't school Tommy .. It's unemployment extensions.
by: Tommy

I started school a few months into my benifits....I am now in tier 4 and am running out of time...With no work in sight still, i was wondering the same question as robert....i look and look for the answer but nobody has it...please help.

Hi Tommy,

Please understand, when I provide answers I'm either using the working knowledge I gained while doing my job for a company that fought unemployment for employers. It was because I thought the training provided was crappy, that I took it upon myself to find "resources" that explained things.

Here is what I believe.

Depending on the state you are collecting from .. extensions any tier of extension is determined by the state's unemployment rate and whether the state itself actually offers extended benefits.

As far as I know your question will only be answered by a senate vote to extend benefits beyond the maximum total of 99 weeks and as far as know it's not looking good.

I do not fully understand unemployment extensions. What you are experiencing .. as far as the length of time collecting extension benefits is UNPRECEDENTED.

NELP is the group that I rely upon for extension news.

I do not have any helpful or even encouraging new .. except that you and everyone else in the same place needs to send a message to your senator .. because Tommy, that is who holds your fate in their hands .. at least as far as continued unemployment benefits.

You can find the link to NELP here.

They are the people who I listen to find out the latest on extensions.


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