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can i gt umemployment if i quit my jobs in Kansas

by d. cease

i have ailing parents out of state. i need to move closer to them to help care for them. i can't move unless i'm able to collect unemployment till i get another job or jobs.

no one from the state of kansas has bothered returning my calls to them.


Kansas statute for unemployment disqualifications.

You will first need to make attempts to preserve the job by requesting a transfer, requesting FMLA, if you have medical documentation, or requesting a personal leave at the very least to even stand a chance.

You will need medical documentation from a physician saying your parents need your help. You will still need to be able and available for work .. so if this is a temporary situation which will require all your time .. even if qualified you couldn't collect until you became able and available.

If it's just because your parents are getting older and you make the decision to quit and move to help them out it will be an understandable personally compelling reason, but more than likely not qualifying because it is not attributable to the work.

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