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Can I move to florida while on unemployment from california?

by Boby Lionel Ngouh
(Torrance, ca, USA)

hi my name is lionel,

I am single with no kids and I have been on disability in torrance, ca since April of 2010 because of two surgeries (in april and second one in october 26, 2010) i had on my knee. I received a release note to come back to work with restrictions (on december 2, 2010) which i sent to my employer but they havent replied to me in almost a month. Because of it i wanted to move back to tampa or orlando, florida (since it is cheaper to live there rather than in california) while filing for unemployment (at a rate of $399/week that I would receive) from the state of california. My questions are:

Will i be still able to receive unemployment benefits from california while I am in florida?
will i be eligible for an apartment while on unemployment from california in florida?
are there any medical insurance offered for those who are unemployed in the state of florida?

Hi Lionel,

Moving to another state to find work won't stop your California unemployment benefits .. but you will still have to look for work if you have been released to work.

Consider this.

Although it might be cheaper to live in Florida .. why would you move to a state which, although it sounds like home to you .. doesn't have any jobs and an unemployment rate right up there with California's?

Florida does not have temporary disability unemployment like California has .. in fact there's only 6 states that offer anything remotely like that.

As far as medical insurance goes .. you've got to be kidding me .. unless you're planning on finding a job with insurance or somehow qualifying for medicaid .. I don't know where you can get medical insurance.

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