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Can I quit a part time job and still qualify

I qualified for florida unemployment. I collected for two weeks and have now been working part time for four weeks earning just below the weekly benefit amount. Can I go to a training school for two separate weeks (and not go to the part time job) and still receive the unemployment compensation for those weeks. The training was required by the union I am a member of.

Also if I quit this 16 hr. per week job am I still entitled to the unemployment compensation.

If I were you .. I'd call the unemployment department. Quitting a part-time job subsequent to the time you start collecting for a qualified separation from a full-time job, usually spells disaster, but you mention "required training by a union" .. so that is something that might make it possible, but like I said .. I would ask the Florida unemployment department .. and if I had a choice of calling the "claims department" vs. the appeal section .. I'd choose the appeal section for guidance.

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