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Can I quit and collect unemployment in Pennsylvania?

by Anonymous

I have been employed for 5 years and the contract for the company I work for in pa did not get the renewal contract for my current position, I along with 3 others were told to apply for other jobs in january.

Now two months later my co workers were let go with severance packages. I applied for another job and was offered it with a pay cut and different hours because i needed a job and have been training for a couple hours a day and also doing my current job. The new supervisor, I have been training with was out right rude and the employees were not much better. Rumors started about my ability to do the job. I went to manager and discussed my concerns, I now have a very difficult work situation and this has brought me to tears on more than one occasion. Please advise.

Chris's Response


Please read section 402 of the Pennsylvania code

Because you accepted the suitable job offer after applying for it you must of also been made aware of the different rate of pay and hours, I doubt this would now be good cause for quitting because your own acceptance of the new terms and conditions says otherwise.

Only you can decide if the treatment by the employer would be compelling enough to quit and collect compensation. Although as I try to explain, what really matters in a voluntary quit is what you do to try to preserve your employment and to also create evidence of those actions by keeping up a documented dialogue with the employer if they only want to "talk about it".

And I am not trying to be harsh, but objective when I tell you .. the fact that a supervisor, or co-workers have brought you to tears is not itself a good reason providing good cause to quit .. not even Pennsylvania where the law is not written to require a quit be attributable to the work, or employment .. which is sort of misleading itself because that is often what must be proven to get to what PA law allows good cause for a compelling and necessitous reason.

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