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can i quit and get unemployment back if they lied about the job and i asked the manager for help many times in 5 week time span

by Anonymous

I was laid off my job for two months when i thought i was given a good opportunity at a job. I took the job only because the man that hired me assured me he would train me since i had no knowledge in that position. I worked there 5 weeks. two of which all i did was modules on the computer. On the third week they fired a girl and threw me on phone with no knowledge of the systems phones etc... i never received the training when i asked questions my manager told me welcome to the corporate world. I told him what did it matter small company or corporate world they promised training and to no fault of mine they fired her and threw me on. when i went to the manager crying asking for help or that he place someone to help me i was told the same thing welcome to the corporate world. How can they promise training and deliver nothing!

Also I have four kids and they told me i had to travel out of state 2 times for one week increments if i was told that i would of never taken the job. How can i abandon my children for a job. cannot!!!! will not.

I feel as though they lied to me about everything. I was waking up crying and throwing up every morning I was so sick had to quit. Can i get unemployment back? My god please help i am in ca

Hi Anonymous,

I am first going to direct you to .. as usual .. California's Benefit determination guide. Click on voluntary quit.

Go to the "VQ 5, VQ 155 and 440 and read. (don't limit your exploration to just what I suggest if something
else jumps out at you).

Then, go to Suitable work and read.

First, you stated that you would of never taken the job unless the employer had said they would provide training. This raises a question for me whether the work is outside your usual occupation and if you could have refused the job in the first place.

Secondly, the employer did not provide training and surprised you with information after hire that you would be required to travel outside your state which they did not inform you of upon hire. This kind of information would have made the suitability of the job an issue for you before accepting it. So maybe, you better read time, distance, and travel too.

Do yourself a favor and step back so you can see the situation objectively. When a person makes a subjective decision to quit a job .. at some point if you hope to collect unemployment benefits you'll be doing yourself a favor if you try to view the situation from a detached point of view. It will help you to apply the information you'll be reading in the guide. Your goal is to find the path of least resistance which applies to your circumstances AND offers the best chance for a favorable determination.

Good Cause is determined on a case by case basis according to the things you and or the employer bring up .. if you don't know what to bring up how can it be considered .. The state relies on the information we give them .. just like you relied on the information the employer gave you.

After you've done some reading, please feel free to ask another question. I think if you do some studying you'll see your situation is not hopeless.


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