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can i quit and get unemployment

by tony
(myrtle beach S.C USA)

I started at my company as an installation helper a year and a half later i was promoted to lead installer. I was promised more money after a 60 day review and never got one after a year and a half. I lost 10 percent of my salary and went from 5 working days to 4 working days. i talked to my boss and told him I needed more money but he told me to be thankful i have a job is there anything i can do or should I be thankful I have a job?

Hi Tony,

I'm going to assume for sake of argument that you do not have an offer letter detailing the raise or an employment contract which would afford you the ability to prove the employer has violated the contract and the specified conditions.

I think I would be grateful to have the job, particularly in SC right now.

But if your hours are reduced anymore be sure to file a claim for partial benefits.

SC considers earnings that become less than your weekly benefit amount partial unemployment.

You weekly benefit amount could be calculated using the resource located on this page about how much unemployment pays.

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