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can I quit and still get unemployment (alabama)

by Alisha Farmer
(Athens,Alabama, US)

Can I quit and Still Get Unemployment If my boss waits to call me two hours or an hour before she wants me to be at work. Instead of telling me the day before or if she gives everybody else a set schedule and gives me crazy hours and doesn't even know what time I have to come in.

Hi Alisha,

Very doubtful. You need to first speak to your boss and address your issues with her and even then it may not be enough.

What were the conditions that you were hired under? If there has been a change, what caused the change? Do you think your employer is treating you differently from other employees for a specific reason?

If you want to quit and collect unemployment, there is not an easy effortless way to go. The burden to prove good cause for quitting (per Alabama unemployment law) is yours and is necessary.

You have not addressed anything in your question that would be a foundation for quitting, you've only told us what's happening and your situation is just not that unusual. But there may be an underlying reason for your situation....I don't know....only you know.

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