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can i quit because I cannot handle the harrassment or weather

by jeannie redmon
(Arlington, TX US)

I was previously a postal clerk... I was forced to take a job as a letter carrier or quit. I have taken the job as a carrier. I worked 3 days and landed in the ER with broncitis for a week and then my doctor took me out another week with inhalers, steriods, antibotics and breathing treatments. I am better and returned. (I have asthma, high blood pressure and anxiety: which I am treated by a doctor regularly for the blood pressure and anxiety, the asthma is onset) I returned yet to be harrassed because I cannot carry a whole route. They have provided me some help and when I tell them that I cannot do it the supervisor informed me that you need to learn your route. I proceeded to tell her this route is impossible for me to carry alone and she told me to "carry your damn mail" and hung up on me. I was so upset I started crying and took it back and told her that I wasnt doing it... i didnt feel good and wasnt doing it. (this was my 1st day back after being ill) and then then she proceeded to tell me she would deal with me tomarro and that is if you come it considering your attendance is so damn bad. The next day I put in a help slip and told her i didnt know if it was correct because I dont know this route... I have never carried it and she said if you come to work you would know. Then following this... they provide me help but dont give me any rules to follow..then I was working overtime and the union steward jumped all over me saying that i cant have it both ways...

not work overtime then leave (1st day back) and then work when you want overtime.. No one has given my instructions.. everyone just keeps yelling at me. Besides all of this....I have blisters covering my feet, it is so hot outside I cannot even harldley head pounds. I get in my car everyday after then inside pressure of everyone yelling at me because I keep breaking rules or something else that I just break down and cry. Im sick of all the pressure and I surely cannot imagine how I am going to handle the heat in about 2 weeks when it gets VERY hot. anyhelp would be appreciated.. thanks...

Hi Jeannie,

Are you on FMLA? Did your doctor release you back to work with any restrictions? You are not being harassed by the weather .. you are being harassed by your employer.

I don't think you should have to quit to fix this problem. I think you need to learn about your rights as a worker.

I am not the one to explain this to you because I'm simply not knowledgeable enough to explain workplace rights to anyone else, to my satisfaction .. but I do know enough to tell you there may be a way out of this rather than quitting ..

This is the website I recommend to people when they are being harassed. It's all about workplace harassment. There is a forum, a free email course and lots of free articles too.

If I thought I could help you .. I would, but you happen to live in probably one of the strictest states in the country when it comes to unemployment benefits .. "no wrong moves" would be the best advice I could give you for your situation.


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