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Can I quit because I have no work to do at work?

by Dot
(Leesburg, Florida)

I have had my hours cut a second time. I am now down to 24 out of 40. I was hired as a credit/collections/accounts receivables manager. Right now all of the collections are being done by a funding company because all of our our receivables are being sent to them for quick money turnaround. So I have no checks coming in except for a very small handful that just seem to not want to send it to the funding company. I have almost nothing to do with the collections unless their collector is getting no where and they ask for help (rare), I have very few new credit apps to consider because the company is not bringing in new clients. Right now I send out introduction packages (about 4-8 per month) as asked by the VP mostly, in the hopes that someone will respond. I have file folders of dead issues from this. I had taken on invoicing, but that is now handled by a high school student (her boyfriends daughter) who gets it done in the matter of 2 hours or less. The president of the company has closed 2 offices in the last year and was considering closing one more which would leave her with one branch office. Basically, it's really dead, but she doesn't want to lay anyone off so that another unemployment claim is made. They fight any and all of them tooth and nail. I would like to quit and see if the state would help retrain me for a job wsith more opportunity. Besides, I'm tired of trying to look busy. I am in the State of Florida and I really don't know what their stand is on quitting a job. Any ideas??

Hi Dot,

This is Chris and yes, I do have some ideas .. advice .. whatever you want to call it.

If you quit in Florida or I'd venture an informed guess .. any other state in this country because you don't have enough work to do .. you will not only be jobless, but benefitless.

Have you filed a claim yet? You do know that if you have been cut from 40 to 24 hours per week you can do this. You might not get much or anything in benefits, but if the employer cuts your hours anymore .. or fires you for filing the claim .. you're good to collect.

If you have 16 free hours a week .. go to one of the workforce centers anyway and look into a grant for some type of training that interests you. You do not have to be unemployed to receive grants for training .. it's just that you might have to be more persistent because you may not be in a "priority group" of people.

I'm telling you .. don't quit .. you'll be sorry you did.

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