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Can I quit because I have symptoms of MS .. and collect unemployment ?

by Anonymous

I have ms symptoms and no diagnosis. I work full time and may need to quit due to ms symptoms. Can I collect unemployment until I may one day hopefully get a diagnosis?

Hi Anonymous,

Given the information you provided .. I'd say the answer would be no.

Tennessee does not have an unemployment program for a temporary disability.

I realize that a MS diagnosis would be a life altering event, but even if a person has MS they must be able and available to work in order to collect regular unemployment benefits.

Your options for supplemental monetary help would first be Short Term Disability and then Social Security Disability Insurance if diagnosed.

There are a number of steps for people with health problems that a person needs to take before quitting. FMLA, request for personal LOA's when FMLA is not available. Doctor recommendations for restrictions on the work, etc.

Medical restrictions play a very large role in proving that good cause to quit existed and or that a discharge was without good cause.

If we ponder the basic rules to get unemployment .. You must have lost your job through NO FAULT of your own and that you must be able and available for SUITABLE WORK and ACTIVELY SEARCHING for suitable work, it is easier to see that we could get stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to employer paid unemployment benefits.

Being sick does not remove the burden placed on us to prove we quit with good cause "attributable to the work.

I sincerely hope that when you are diagnosed it isn't MS. I empathize with what you are going through and wish I could give an easy yes answer, but that is not possible due to the way unemployment benefits actually work .. even for those with serious medical problems.

If you have more questions or more information to add, I'll be happy to discuss it more.


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