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Can I quit because my wifes doctor is in California?

by Ashor Sorani
(Mesa, AZ USA)

My wife has a back problem which is a bulged disc, she has been having trouble finding the right orthopedic doctor here in Arizona that has the IDD therapy machine she used in California. She deals with back pain often and her only relief is that therapy machine. Because of my wife's situation, if I were to leave my job to move back to California would I be qualified for unemployment?

Thank you,

Ashor Sorani

Hi Ashor,

You cannot just up and quit because you have to try to preserve the employment first .. like requesting a personal leave .. and even then the state will make the call as to whether your reason for quitting was compelling enough.

You need to read R6-3-50155. Domestic Circumstances on this page under Article 50.

If you need further explanation call an appeal office .. maybe.

I suggest this .. because they offer to answer questions and they don't have a decision digest or adjudication manual online .. that I can find.

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