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Can I quit because of epilepsy?

by Josh

I have epilepsy, it's not severe, but it's not a walk in the park either.

My job makes me work long hours (sometimes impossible to sit down and eat) and causes a lot of stress. It's also almost impossible for me to get on a regular sleeping schedule.

Stress, abnormal sleeping schedule, loss of sleep, and periods of fast all exacerbate epilepsy.

Is it possible get UI in Pennsylvania if I quit my job for these reasons?

Hi Josh,

Your illness is covered under the ADA as a disability.

But you would still need medical documentation from your doctor advising you to quit that job, so the employer might have the opportunity to accommodate you with more regular hours and a similar paying job with less stress.

If they cannot, or will not accommodate you for your disability and your doctor's medical order, or recommendation then you would have good cause .. as long as you can prove you made these efforts.

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