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can i quit due to cut hours, anxiety or because I'd make more on unemployment

by Jillian

My hours have been cut from 40 a week to 30 or 32 a week. I constantly sit here with nothing to do but can't afford to leave any more than my hours have been cut. I also suffer from severe anxiety and when I am at work I feel sick all day and can't even eat. My boss first told me he understood my medical problems but now says I better not call in or go home from the anxiety. I would make more money on unemployment than I am now. Can I quit and still collect unemployment?

Hi Jillian,

First, is your anxiety medically documented?

Secondly it's doubtful a cut in hours from 40 to 32 a week would be considered good cause.

And finally, why do you think you'd make more on unemployment? Unemployment pays approximately 50 percent of what you earned.

You could file a claim for partial unemployment if your hours have been cut, you probably would not receive any benefits because the cut in hours isn't enough, but the claim would be established and if the hours are cut anymore you might receive receive a partial benefit.

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