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Can I quit due to kids out for the summer?

by Amber
(Irvine, CA)

I have been with my empoyer in CA for 4+ years. My salary is too high to qualify for any childcare assistance programs, even though I am a single parent with no court order for child support. My first summer here I had my son in summer school just because it was free and I only had to pay summer costs for my daughters . The next summer his teacher would not let him attend summer school due to lack of academic need. My employer gave me a bonus to help with costs. This summer, due to the downturn in the market (working in the investment industry) I know that is not an option. I even asked for a slight reduction in my hours (a total of 2.5 per week) and that was denied. I cannot afford daycare this summer, have no family able to care for my kids 40 hours per week and feel I may be forced to quit. It is even more frustrating when there are 2 other employess in my department with young children who have flexible schedules, control their own hours and have remote access to work from home, yet that same benefit is not available to me. It has also become a very hostile work enviroment because of the market and I want out. Do I have any hope of collecting unemployement?

Hi Amber,

I'm going to direct you to portions of the eligibility guide.

See VQ 5, VQ 150, VQ 155 and VQ 360

There are topics under each of those headings that may be relevant to your situation.

You could also extend your search to VQ 440 with regard to the hostile working conditions.

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