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Can I quit due to:

by Joseph Dunn

Well for one I work at Wal-Mart as a "Courtesy Associate"

and from here the list gets long.

Well i'm constantly harrassed by management telling me i'm not doing my job when they leave my out in the lot by myself all night. There is a reason we always have 2 or more cart pushers and i'm also getting held late due to the fact that the lot is not clean when its my time to get off. There is no possible way for this to happen unless you live in a 400 person town maybe.

Also they have recently cut my hours by about 33% from one week to the next making it so I cannot pay my rent on time. Also makes all of my other bills a lot tougher as I have to ask my girlfriend to help me out.

I've also asked MANY MANY times for them to work on their scheduling but this ties into problem 1.

I can go into more detail if needed i'm just wondering if i stand to get benefits by putting in my 2 weeks notice. I have had no misconduct warnings or anything negative during my 7-8 month work period.

Oh yes they also lied to me about bereavement when my father passed i called in like i was supposed to and they said i would have 4 paid days off. When i get back to work and get my check and it's low i ask them and they say i only got 3 days bereavement..

Thanks for your time and any feedback is appreciated.

Hi Joseph,

I don't really see anything in your story that would be considered good cause for quitting except maybe the reduction in hours, but Alabama doesn't have any resource for me to verify that 33 percent reduction is enough .. and I also can't tell if this is a consistent reduction.

I understand you're frustrated with the job, so start documenting the problems you are having and document when and how you address it with the employer .. in a professional formal way ..

I don't think you would get benefits if you quit as things stand now. You said they require you to stay late .. yet you were complaining of a 33 percent reduction in hours. The standard amount of days for bereavement is 3 days .. that's easy enough to check by taking a look at the employee handbook. An employer telling you that you are not doing your job well is not harassment .. but it may be something you should address if the reason is because they are understaffed.

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Jul 13, 2009
by: Joe~

Thank you for your feedback and right now i'm working on another method instead of just putting my 2 weeks and leaving. I'm going to speak to the store owner in my hometown as i hear they are understaffed overnight so i am going to just shoot for a transfer. I wrote this hurried but for the 33% reduction the next 3 weeks are about the same maybe 2-3 hours more. I honestly wasn't expecting an answer from this site much less this quickly so i will definately bookmark this page. You guys are great.


Another thing you might consider is a claim for partial unemployment benefits if they have reduced your hours that much.

Oct 24, 2009
Quit due to harrassment regarding sick child
by: Anonymous

I have been with my employer 18 months. Soon after starting employment my 6 year old son was diagnosed with Epilepsy and Autism. I have missed a lot of time due to appointments, testing, my son sick due to medication, etc.

My boss is now threatening to fire me if I miss one more day. We are a small office and not sure if we are covered by FMLA. I am not sure how much more I can take.

Do I have grounds to quit and collect unemployment? or if I am fired would I be able to collect unemployment in New York?

Hi Anonymous,

Read this information at the DOL to find out if you are excluded from FMLA protection.

Don't quit. You do not want the headache.

But if you continue to follow your employer's call-off procedures, notify your employer of your need for time off to take your child to the doctor and for tests and he fires you for this .. you should be able to get unemployment benefits.

Sorry, I also meant to tell you that you may have rights under the ADA as well .. I'm not sure but I think there may be protection if you are the parent of a minor child with a disability. It's worth checking out at any rate.

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