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can i quit for being told on more than 1 occasion that "A man is just better at what you do than a women"? (Sexual harassment)

by Dorthy
(West Columbia, SC)

I have been told on several occasions, by the owner of the company **name deleted** of *name deleted** BBQ, that a man is just better at my job than a woman! I am an Accounting Manager. The Controller before me made many mistakes that cost the company alot of money, bounced checks, and the other Accounting Asst. was fired for looking at child porn on the company computer!!! After he was told on twice! Our CPA's that do our year end audit have stated every year since I have been here, (will be 5 years on May 1, 2010) that the books are in better shape every year and that we are ready on 12/31 which not to many companies are! I also have to backup and correct work done from our Accounts Payable lady who is 90 years old, she makes alot of errors due to her sight! This is stressing me out because I know that a man can not do it any better, and the owners have told me on several occasions that I am the best Accountant that they have had! I also suffer from GAD, Generalized Panic Disorder and my attacks come more often lately! Help what can I do? I do make good money!

Hi Dorthy,

You need to be able to prove it. Accusation is generally, just not enough to carry the burden to prove good cause. You need more.

Can you imagine an employer actually admitting to making sexist statements just because you said it was so?? I can't.

I wish I could help more, but I know I can't help within this answer because you also presented other issues which seem to be influencing a need to quit, but aren't sexual harassment. And you even made a contradictory statement about "what the employer says to you.

And Dorthy, you said he told you this "several" times over five years .. when was the last time? What did you do about it?

There are some websites out there that focus primarily on illegal workplace harassment. Try a search for .. how to stop workplace harassment.

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