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Can I quit for reduction in hours?

by Kathy

This year my position was eliminated. At that time I was offered a severance or another lesser job.

I took another position within the company at a $4.00 per hour decrease due to fear of job loss.

Since that time, despite (unnofficial) promises to the contrary, the company has decided to cut my current job back from 40 to 35 hours. I no longer am able to pay my bills at this rate. This, along with the history of lies regarding this position, forces me to leave the company.

I have been seeking other employment but am unable to find a position which pays enough to keep me financially stable.

Hi Kathy,

Let me give you something to think about .. unemployment pays less than you're making now.

You accepted the conditions of less pay for the job you are now doing. a five hour a week reduction in time worked will not be good cause to quit and collect unemployment.

If you quit .. you will not get unemployment for the reasons you listed here .. now .. for this job.

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