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Can I quit if I was threatened by customer with knife on the job

by Anonymous

For the past year I have been employed at a country club as an office manager/accountant. A member who was due a refund threatened me with a knife for his money. I did not have the authority to release these funds. No one else saw him do this. After he left the office, I told my GM about it and then I went to the police station to file a report. The next day I had to go get a copy of the report and take it to the courthouse and a hearing is set with a judge for Monday on whether or not I can press charges. My GM told me to take a couple of days off. I recommended that they refund his money and expel the member from the club. He said he has been a member of the club for 40 yrs and he has never hurt anyone. He also said it was an issue between the member and I and not a club issue. When I returned to work they told me that they talked to the member and he denied it. They said that he was a distinguished member of the community with no criminal record and if they do anything to him that would defame his name, he might sue the club. He was told to stay out of the business office and if he does come in I can call 911. I made it clear that it was not a personal issue with him and that I was threatened on club property while doing my job over a club issue. I got the impression that they think I made the whole

thing up, which is absurd because why would I do that..there is no motive. They said they have consulted legal counsel for the club and want to wait for the outcome of the judges ruling. I want to quit and get as far as I can away from the place..obviously they think it is OK for members to commit criminal acts toward their employees at their club. Will I be able to get unemployment on the grounds of being forced to quit because of their negligence to the law?


I am suggesting you contact your own legal counsel. An employer has an obligation to protect employees from not only other employees, but customers and vendors. Failure to do so exposes them to huge possible liability for acting improperly.

Can you quit and get unemployment? I do believe you have good cause, but as you made clear, the employer is attempting to label you a liar. I personally do not know to what extent they are willing to go to protect the club member and themselves at your expense.

I think you need a lawyer now because the employer is pinning everything on the court ruling as to whether you can even press charges.

If an employer is seeking legal counsel .. that should be your cue to do the same.

Unemployment benefits are often decided on "credibility" .. if the employer had taken you seriously and expelled the member then I would be concerned for your chances if you decided to quit.

Instead they have chosen a course which is intended to discredit your very reason for wanting to quit.

Need an Employment Lawyer?

I think you do.

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