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Can I quit If I work for a dictator

I am currently a CAD department manager. This is what most people would consider a great opportunity. I thought the same until about a month into the position my supervisor started taking advantage of Salaried employees. He in all aspects is a dictator. I am currently working well over 12 hours a day on salary, at a price well below my value. On top of that, he is a micromanager, and generally treats employees as dogs. I try to maintain a positive attitude, but that is hard and it is frustrating my fiancee. This is the most difficult thing to swallow. My group is constantly overworked, and when requests for more people are made, they are ignored. I was brought in to make changes, but no one is willing to listen to the person they brought in to make the changes. This company has also had a slew of firings over the last two weeks, we have fired over 6 people, and another handful have flat out quit. Do I have any possibility at unemployment, I am currently trying to find another job, but not having this one would allow me to step up my search and actually interview. I am not one to stay on unemployment, obviously it pays less than what I am currently making, I just need to get away and while I'm finding the next job get a bit of income to keep paying bills.

Please let me know if this is an option for me.



When people are willing to tell me their "employment story" I'm often able to pinpoint a viable good cause argument for them to work on trying to fix. Not so, in your case.

Dictating micro-managers are present everywhere, in all types of employment .. The general wisdom is that people don't quit jobs .. they quit bosses. I'd say this applies to you as well and your gripe is the management style, or just the company's culture.

Do you have an employment contract, offer letter, job description .. something that can be used to show the employer is not adhering to an agreement other than treating employees like wage slaves?

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