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Can I Quit my job and collect unemployment because my boss will not let me write anyone up?

by Mary

Can I Quit my job and collect unemployment because my boss will not let me write anyone up?

I am a supervisor and my boss will not let me write up anyone that is not doing their job properly. I am not allowed to ask an employee to help me make phone calls to customers which is really their job. The other supervisor is paid more than me and works only 6 hours a day and I work 10-12 hours a day and every other Sunday. I feel as though I am being treated unfairly.

I am harassed by a co-worker because she knows if I say anything back my boss will not stand behind me. She does things to make my job more difficult instead of being a team player. The stress of this job has made my health issues extremely severe.

Mary, Why won't your boss let you write people up? What have you done to try and take care of the co-worker that harasses you.

I tend to read between the lines...and the only detail you really gave me was that your health is now suffering due to the stress of the situation.

Why wouldn't you think to give examples of the type of situations you are referring to and the type of harassment your boss is forcing? you to endure from a subordinate.

Is it possible there is some special relationship between your boss and the "co-worker".

Unemployment benefits are decided not by whether you quit or get fired, but by an analysis of the facts leading up to the quit or discharge.

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Feb 26, 2009
answer to your questions
by: mary

the reason i cannot write anyone up is because the company has an open door policy which includes the employees to call the managers boss and he has to explain what is going on then corporate office knows there is a problem and will show up. He does not want the aggravation.

the co-worker thinks she should have the same pay and do the things i do. she applied for my position but she didnt get it so now she tries to make my life miserable. so if i need her to do something i have to let the manager know and he will have her do it.
The manager does not want any problems with corporate office and also knows that i need my job as a single parent.

Hi Mary,

You're not going to be surprised then when I tell you unless you take your problems to someone in authority over your manager (corporate, HR, etc.) you will never be able to document attempts to resolve the situation... and this is what you have to do. If your boss doesn't like corporate breathing down his neck...he's really not going to like what happens next.

Your concern must be with protecting your rights as an employee.

If you've already taken steps...follow up. Good cause is easier to prove when we have "paper" (emails, written letters, memos).

Get yourself some paper.

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