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can i quit my job and collect unemployment-florida

i'm a floral designer for michaels craft store-i was full time and now im part time -20 hours and less-they are getting ready to lower hours again-when full time i was always top in sales for floral designers in florida-now with 20 hours or less im not-they expect my sales to be as good as the stores with full time floral designers-im the only person in my department at my store-they have been giving me warnings that my sales are down, but with 15 to 20 hrs a week stretch out over 6 days it makes it hard to compete with stores with full time employees, plus with 3 hour days it takes a lot of my pay for gas-im very stressed with the harassment to keep up with the stores with full time employees-can i get quit and get unemployment till something else comes up-im 54 years old and cant pay my rent with these hours-help

Hi Anonymous,

I do not give guarantees. I share my thoughts on the information provided and usually have to ask more questions.

How long ago were your hours cut? Have you been counter documenting the write-ups for performance by writing comments on the forms explaining why you disagree or believe the employer's decision to discipline you is not reasonable given the circumstances you described here? If not, the employer has a built in argument that you quit to avoid being fired.

Have you filed for partial unemployment? When an employer cuts you hours in half .. you'll probably be able to collect a partial amount of benefits .. considering a fast approximate calculation of how much you'll get a week for unemployment is 50 percent of your full time weekly wage.

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