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Can I quit my job if unable to meet production goals?

by Call Center Freak


I have worked at my job for 25 years. Last year my manager told me that I had to do another job, I did not ask to do it but told I had no choice. I have been doing this job for almost a year now. My production numbers are 2nd lowest in my group. Now they are basing 'shift bids' on those production numbers and I have lost my shift that I have been working 25 years to someone with better numbers. I have asked to be put back into the position that I held before (one I excelled at and was a top performer at) and was told no with no explanation as to why. There were two other people in my group that were allowed to move back into the old position within the last 8 months. There are still open positions in that job as we have several temps there and have had them for over 6 months. I have asked for help with my current job to try to get my production up to no avail, manager just says 'we have to figure out why your numbers are so low, maybe I should sit with you and see how you are working, but that has never happened. For 25 years I have had consistently exceeded expectations on my job reviews now it is gone, I am barley at a meets expectations now. There will be another shift bid in 6 months and I already know I will be moved to an even later shift as my seniority will not help me anymore (which is why I did not get an even later shift now). I feel stresses all the time, I feel like
the people I work with are stabbing me in the back to get my shift. I don't feel like I can win at this, I have had very little training for this position and am not getting any help to perform better.


If you're in Michigan, these are the unemployment decisions that are relative for you to research. Chapter 10 seems most relevant to you.

You need to stop talking and start documenting.

Training? Don't ask verbally, request it in writing .. I think they are setting you up for failure.

Now, I'm going to throw out a personal opinion for your consideration.

What I read was that you've been working there for over 25 years and you've been a top performer for most of those years.

If you started working at 16 .. that would make you at minimum 41 years old. Therefore you are now in a protected class that can be discriminated against on the basis of age.

Age when combined with length of employment this should equal a higher paid employee .. than a brand spanking new one.

In case you haven't noticed .. the bottom line and the operating cost of the business have now entered into your equation.

And the bottom line .. doesn't give a rat's a** about who has to go. But you, as a member of a protected class that feels like your employer is trying to eliminate you .. can use that protected status to make the employer think twice.

EEOC is a recourse.

Although some employees abuse the protection it might be able to offer .. it is a major recourse that is best used while an employee .. not after you lose or quit your job.

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Mar 05, 2011
production goals
by: Celeste

I assume that your company does not have a union. Therefore all questions and concerns you have should be sent to your manager in writing. Document, Document, Document. Ask them just as u did here. With concern and professionalism. Start looking for another job...

You could always let your manager know that if they don't have the answers for you at this time, then let them know you will ask the next person on the ladder (their manager) if they could suggest a way to keep you active, trained and to remember ur 25 commitment and loyalty to them that u want to continue to contribute..

What do I know..I'm laid off.

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