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Can I quit my job to care for my children if my babysitter has become terminally ill? Wisconsin

A couple months ago my babysitter found out she has cancer and isn't able to care for my children anymore. We have found alternative care which is not working out. I have also tried other providers in the past and refuse to go back to them. I don't trust to many people with my children and they are also very picky on who they stay with. Changing providers is not healthy for children and don't want to keep bouncing my children around. Can I collect unemployment if I quit my job to care for my children. I have been working for my current employer for about a year and a half roughly. I am a very dependable hard worker, but am worried for my children.

Hi Anonymous,


Wisconsin requires that the quit be attributable to the employer and you must be able and available for work .. which your situation prohibits because of the reasons you would be quitting your job.

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