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Can I quit my job to follow my husband to another state

by kelly

My husband is leaving az to move to oregon for better job. The company i work for does not do bussiness in oregon. I am a driving sales rep my company does not pay mileage and has and new companys for me to sell for which has added days of driving for sales and for deliverys i cannot pay the extra gas required for this thank you

Hi Kelly,

Quitting because you cannot pay for the extra gas required is not the strongest or easiest of reasons to quit and get unemployment .. because it's not really attributable to the work .. unless the company quit paying for your gas .. or something along those lines. The language in the statute explains a little further.

AZ does have a regulation which may help you quit to follow your spouse to Oregon. But you'd be wise to investigate the regulation a little more and possibly some precedents first because the reg. is non-specific.

AZ 23-775

Although I cannot find an adjudication digest for Arizona unemployment, they do offer to answer your questions at an appeal office. How nice of them to do so .. after you've been denied unemployment.

If I were you .. I'd call them now .. before you file. Arizona Unemployment Appeal Offices.

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