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can i quit my job to move 3 hours away.

i live in wisconsin in eau claire to be exact i have been at my job for 6 months. i want to move to madison to be closer to family, and get a better job down there. can i quit my job and collect unemployment. ive been told its hard to collect unemployment from the company i work for (menards)


Due to accepting stimulus funds, Wisconsin has amended their law concerning quitting for personally compelling reasons, but I do not know the details yet.

But even under the best of circumstances, the reason you gave for quitting is not compelling enough to allow benefits .. because it's a choice and not a reason that leaves you with no alternatives.

It is never the company that denies benefits. It is the state that denies. If it's hard to get benefits from a company it's probably because they have all their ducks in a row and actually understand how unemployment works and adhere to a strict policy of having the proper documentation .. and know how to present their information.

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