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Can i quit since I am being harrssed?

I have been harrssed at work over the last 3 months, one time was verbal the other two times about my sexuality were left in my work area.

I have talked to my managers all three times, this last time i told them i am scared for my safety, And I am pregnant and cant handle the stress of all this.

We spoke with human resources, the only option they gave me was to move me to a different plant. I am scared no matter where they put me the person writing these notes will know I told and that scares me.

I want to quit but want to know if i can get unemployment. My managers gave me the week to decide what i want to do and call them on monday. please Help


They are offering what they believe is a solution and what they are offering seems reasonable which could very well result in a denial of unemployment benefits.

I think you need to contact an attorney. It seems also if you have a "stalker" the content of the notes would either support your fear ..

I just can't answer yes or no to these types of questions because I know I don't have enough detail and the issues are actually spreading into discrimination law.

You have to know what your rights are at a time like this .. otherwise it's very easy to end up screwed on all fronts. You need an objective viewer that is on your side.

If you are that fearful, I wonder if you have made a police report .. that would seem the logical thing to do ..

Do yourself a favor contact an employment attorney who you can give all the details to and then receive advice as to whether you would have good cause within your state as everything stands now .. since they are only giving you until Monday .. which seems a little odd in and of itself.

An attorney might be able to buy you some time so you don't have to make the decision by Monday.

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May 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

Make sure you keep dates of when you told the managers, and Keep all the notes as proof. Is this person dangerous or have they treatened you?

You're right anonymous .. I was remiss in not linking to the page I have about the importance of documenting what happens at work.


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