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Can I quit teaching job to be a stay at home mom; can I get unemployment in Florida?

by Anonymous

I have taught for 4 1/2 years in florida. I took the FMLA in November to give birth to my first child. My time is running out, and am unable to find suitable daycare for my child. I have now decided to not return to work, and am wondering if I can collect unemployment moneys and or insurances.

Thank you!

Hi Anonymous,

Florida requires a voluntary quit be attributable to the work. The statutes do have a provision for personal reasons that are due to the worker's illness or disability, but not for your personal reason.

Childcare issues are considered personal reasons and not connected to the work. The statutes would need a provision to address personal compelling reasons not attributable to the work to even consider it as a good cause reason.

Generally, your reason would not be good cause in any state unless there are special medical circumstances that require you to stay at home, but even then not being able and available for work may prevent collecting unemployment benefits until that changes.

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