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Can I receive u/e benefits if fired in Florida for violating the company drug policy after making a complaint of sexual harassment?

by Sarah

I was fired in FL the same day my boss was fired for an "investigation" I brought to them and was warned by co workers not to "mess" with him.

They fired me for violating the company policy for drugs saying a co worker ( the bosses best friend) alleged I had wrote him a note asking him to snort an oxycontin on lunch. I did not write that note but they fired me anyway. They produced a note I supposedly wrote and said the handwriting was similar.

I know the reason I was fired was for taking my bosses inappropriate behaviors toward me to H.R and I refused to sign my termination form. Please help me ASAP. I am a single mother scared to death of losing her baby.


File an EEOC complaint if you're innocent. If true, what you've told me may equate to a discharge in retaliation for complaining about sexual harassment.

And definitely file for unemployment.

Did they ask you to submit to a drug test? Did you offer to take one?

Do you remember who took your complaint to in HR? Was it a formal complaint you received a copy of?

HR may have a record of your complaint, but in the matter of unemployment and the reason you were discharged, it wouldn't make sense to submit it as a document because if would have a negative affect on proving you guilty of misconduct.

You did say there was some sort of investigation, it could be the employer just wanted to get rid of both the employees that posed the potential of liability for the company itself.

And finally, have you thought about how you will prove it is not your handwriting?

I would advise you to contact an employment lawyer Sarah and right away ..

From what you've told me, if true.. you may may be able to find one interested in taking your case.

Don't waste anymore time being scared, just fight back if your employer is trying to turn you into their victim as well.

I am assuming you're being truthful here and therefore, I believe whether you receive unemployment benefits or not.. is the least of your problems I'm the wrong person to ask for help from if you're truly scared you'll lose your child because of this.


PS I've removed your personal information other than your first name .. for your own protection when you go to find another job.

Good Luck Sarah

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Jan 29, 2013
Fired by Your Employer
by: Torrence Johnson

Chris, If I may reply:


I saw your thread, I represent employees in unemployment hearings and other administrative agencies. I don't know when your post was put up but feel free to give me a call (904) 422-3107.

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