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Can I receive unemployment benefits after turning down a job offer due to working conditions?

I have been on unemployment since February, 2010 in Nevada. I was just offered a position with 25% reduced salary, which I'm willing to do. However, after a plant tour today, I found out I would be working 10 hour days in freezing temperatures (it's a food manufacturing plant dealing in frozen foods). Can I turn it down due to the working environment and still collect my unemployment benefits?


Before you go turning down the job I suggest you read how Nevada describes "suitable work" and what might make work "unsuitable".

Oop!! went to get the page I had bookmarked for NV appeals and it's disappeared .. they have a new website and if I thought it was bad before .. I really don't have good news for you now.

This is the page I was taken to.

Nevada really wants everyone to accept anything that comes your way.

I'll tell you what .. I think you need to read the Nevada statute which provides just a slightly, better picture of what suitable work is .. that the new and "unimproved" NV state website does not.

Here is the Nevada statutes for suitable work and refusal of suitable work.

I think we all may need to get used to the idea that not only has the value of the home you might still own, tanked .. so has the value of your time spent at a job.

Personally, I think you better take the job .. unless you don't need unemployment benefits.

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