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Can I receive unemployment if I quit an out of state job.

by Michael
(Orlando, FL)


I live in Orlando, FL and was receiving unemployment benefits as of the last two weeks ago. As instructed, I was looking for a job faithfully. I was presented with a job offer in South Carolina. I accepted and left FL, leaving my family behind in FL to try the new job. Now that I am up in SC, I found out many things about the company that I don't like and find the area is unsuitable for my family to live in. If I quit, can I continue my unemployment benefits? Thank you ahead for any help.

Hi Michael,

No guarantees, but the argument would be that the job was unsuitable. Quite frankly, it was unsuitable to start with and refusing it would have been understandable due to the distance.

What I can tell you is that if you stay too long .. it will appear as if you accepted the job as suitable and become increasingly difficult to argue as time passes that you voluntarily quit due to the job being "unsuitable due to time and distance, prior earnings, prior experience and training or substantial misrepresentation by the employer at the time of hire.

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